Thursday, March 10, 2011

My right before bedtime nonsensicle, horibbly mispelled Charlie Sheen rant. Read if you wanna laugh at me.

This was a note i wrote on facebook:

i AM aBSOTIVELY pOSALUTELY EXHAUSTED. Cap, craps lock was on! Now I'm constipated *kidding..or am i? O_o* hahaha But srsly: today was exhausting. 9:40 PM bed time? this morning i woulda said "preposterous! thats like mid day for me!" right now i say "It is very wise, and much needed"". I'm speaking nonsensical nonsense, not that my normal nonsense is sensical or even if sensical is a word but yeah. If a hot chick at a club ever said "in your dreams!" I'd say: "you betcha!" then proceed to fall asleep wherever i was. Across 3 barstools, on top of the bar, crowd surf and have a 5 second nap, right on a clubs dance floor, wherever. That would probably be my selective narcolepsy kicking in though. Okay i really need sleep before i start hearing colors and seeing sounds from sleep deprivation. GZoodnight peoples... oh look i already put a z in goodnight, thats how ready i am to type out zzzZZZ! Crap... now i'm thinking about a question ive always wondered: why the HECK are Z's used to represent sleep anyways? It can't be the sound, unless everyone snores like a bee or a power transformer. And by power transformer I mean those electric coil dealieos used to electrify your home and not a super boss alien robot car thing; although if they did have a need for sleep they probably might snore like that and probably could power your home using there energon core made from (according to michael bays team of INCREDIBLE writers *sarcasm*) harvested suns and stars. Oh don't ive me that "there the same thing" speech,you know what i mean. What was i talking about? Oh yeah: Z's... wow, looking at it i just realized a Z looks like an underlined 7 if your really look at it. 7 plus _ = 7_ Now move those closer and you get: Z! Yeesh... what a rant. Goodnight you awesome person you who actaully read this. If you did say: I love Spyglass. Random i know its on my wall and its the first thing i saw and i was reminded of steve carrels bit in Anchorman where he starts naming objects and preceding them with "I love:" to be part of the conversation. That wasnt funny but that was my idiotic and crazy thought process. I almost wish i did this rant in a video, maybe i can be as famous as Charlie Sheen. In fact thats what i will call this rant: My Charlie Sheen Rant. But alas, I shall sleep. Goodnight interwebs, if you're sexy and you know it clap your hands. *holds up applause sign to live audience*. I will now tag random people Ive known forever, just met, or have met only once. the last 2 i probly kno barely anything about, we'll see who gets randomly picked. It might be a little more planned then random but thats ok. Thats how i roll. I roll like a fruit roll up. I roll better then a bread aisle. I put a little rock in my roll, then bite down and break my teef. Nigh-ee nigh my fwiends.

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