Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its about time!

Haven't done one in a month and a half.... So I have a couple of thoughts been banging around in my head and on my FB page to fill the void. Here are some of them:

I have a way with words. I'm not sure if its a wayward way with words but it is certainly way more wordy then others ways.

I've been told that alcohol only makes me act more "Eliot" if that makes any kind of sense. By that logic if i were to imbibe too much and get intoxicated then Mitosis would occur; generating "more Eliot" i.e copies of every cell within my body resulting in the inevitable and exact duplicate of Me. Terrifying. This truely is a horrifying outcome. The world can only tolerate one Eliot Truelove; sheer madness would result otherwise. Limits are there for a sanity-preserving reason.

As I go forward in age it is interesting to note that I am going backwards in time with my wardrobe. When I was 10 my wardrobe was hand me downs from the late 80's and now I lool like something out of the gangster era. By this rate I will be a Knight at 35 and a Viking by 50. Sweeeet.

>Somebody commented: "And a Caveman by 80! :P" on my FB and it made me laugh.

I woke with a sore throat but no joint ache. I went to bed thinking I would have both, maybe there's something to this pessimism thing: being pleasantly surprised when the worst doesn't happen. On the optimistic side: I can now sing the opening to "Down with the Sickness" quite masterfully.

If live gives you melons; make melonade. When life gives you lymes: grab some coronas, sit back, and relax because thiers nothing you can do about it. That's my motto.

This was just a sampling showing that i have an odd yet oddly intriguing kind of humor. For the ones that don't like it: So sue me. Thats an asian law firm by the way.

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  1. This is cool lol I didn't know you had a few websites, and I gotta say unique sense of humor you got there but nonetheless very funny hahaha I'll be checking this out more often for some good laughs =D