Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whats up with the Cali time?

Not so much of a post as an: I wonder why... Why are my posts times off? It says i posted my previous posts at 11:01PM and 11:03PM respectively on Septemer 14th when i posted them at about 2:01AM and 2:03AM on September 15th. Why am i up you might ask? Yeah yeah i know it is what it is; because of my biking posts material is why i'm up; i can't sleep because i'm still pumped. Blogspot must be on Cali time as a default because i forgot to put my address in my profile. I wonder if it'll work for this now that i added that info? hmmmm..... lets see. I'll comment if it does or doesnt.

Edit as of 2:42 AM: I changed the time zone. I'm an idiot; but you already knew that.

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