Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Summer Activities in Review: Kayaking

Ok so I've come to the realization this summer that i love Kayaking and Bike Riding. I set out to write this as one status but now its 2; this is for the kayaking. Now mind you before this Summer I wouldve said that i couldnt see how people could get into it but now i see. Its amazing how well tuned you can make your body and how fit you realize you are if you just push yourself. I went this Summer Kayaking and it was... indescribably awesome. If you ever play wii sports resorts kayaking/canoeing game where your going through the reeds imagine that; except beautiful with birds, butterflys, and some epicly difficult sidequests. I kayaked in the B-E-A-Utiful reedy bird sanctuary section of the Metedekonk in Brick NJ for 4 hrs after doing 6 hrs of Preaching (given I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses). After a full day of a taste of the "spiritual paradise" I was in a literal paradise. Beautiful. A young person we just met who had there first bible study THAT DAY came along as well! ^_^ When I went off to do the sidequests it was like I was in the amazon i swear! It was Overgrown, there was super shallow water; squeezing through branches, logs and fallen trees that have since acted as bridges for plant growth ACROSS the streams; and spiders crawling over me! It was nuts. On one of the sidequests; the last AND longest in fact; on our way back to the car i took a shortcut and didnt even realize it; in fact i didnt recognize the pond/lake i was on! so i tried to cut them off at the pass and almost got stuck and was in THICKKKKKK Grass! in fact it was like i was using the ppaddle on the reeds instead of the water because there really was no water to wade through! And it was here that i saw a majestic grey heron, "The King of th Metedekonk", that had a wing span of atleast 6 ft or more i swear; it was like a pterodactyl! I then found a cuthrough back to where i had started from the split. I found it by getting practically nowhere in the thick reeds and as i'm "rowing" (if you could call it that, more like furiously swatting at the reeds next to me) I see a sliver of light peaking through the reeds to my right.... so i ang le myself and row like crazy till i come out onto one of the water "trails" i had been on earlier. But... I accidentally went in the opposite direction until i started recognizing things from before I split off. I turned around and went around the trail this time and on out to the same lake from when i was "lost" except from this angle i recognized things and found my way back to the car. My friends had only JUST got there! So all in all I trecked through beautiful areas with my friends, felt even more adventurous and went on some side quests, followed my gut, found a ridiculous shortcut without realizing it, lost my internal compass, saw a majestic grey heron among other things, found my internal compass and went back to the car. Epic day. This was a couple months back. I'm going to make this a 2 parter.

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