Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a bunch of Morons....

September 11th 2001; A Day that will live in Infamy. 9 years ago today a group of Islamic radicals hijacked planes and smashed them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and one went down in Western PA. Regardless of all the conspiracy theories and such about whether or not the events that happened that day really unfolded the way the media said they did we can't help but wonder: What on earth is this world coming to? Wait... that seems a bit redundant. Oh well back to the point: When will this world be fixed? Things have only progressed from bad to worse. If only people knew the truth about the sorry state this world is in. Its a sad thing. Its nice thing to have a positive hope for the future after the wickedness is done away with. Paradise will be amazing :D


  1. i totally agree sir, plus i kinda wanted to be the first on to comment lol. but yea its nice to kno that everythings gonna be ok in the end. if only more ppl knew that this is our message! however, another slammed door is still one more closer to saving someone else.

  2. Totally agreed! We're just looking for the guy who's holding up Armageddon.