Monday, September 13, 2010


So i was thinking yesterday about various subjects and one that kept on coming up in my head was sickness. Sickness is an unnatural part of life; i mean the degradation of our body's due to it is horrible and so against what we should be used to. Old age is a sickness. Death is a sickness. The whole world seems to be caught in this whirlwind of complacence that not too many actually contemplate the questions that need to be asked: Why is it this way? Has it always been this way like everyone says it has? Is there a REAL solution and not just a bandaid? The solutions are often times so simple that people just dismiss them as being farfetched or wishful thinking. It is a crying shame. This is a poem i wrote a while back but i think it suits the topic quite well:

Most don't know the truth about why they died, why everyone from death cant hide. You can wonder why that first liar lied so that to death we were bound and tied, but in the end our first man was tested and tried, and ever afterwards our family cries.

The liars lie WILL be undone,
and in Gods eye deaths lasting effects will be none,
and in awhile I WILL have a chance to laugh and run
With perhaps a wife and son
In a perfect right world where gods son has won
the struggle to vindicate the NAME of the one
with whom everything begun
and showing that in the case of an Almighty: there can only be one.

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  1. I have no idea how I found your blog but I did! I loved that poem. It flowed nicely. Please continue to post your poems on your blog. I don't have facebook to be able to check out your poetry page. So keep on writing! :)